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Considered a prominent Indian pilgrimage center, Tirupati is always noticed by various types of tourists. This place houses Vishnu’s incarnation, Sri Venkateshwara or Balaji shrine which is historically important. Denoted with the name 'Lord of the Seven Hills', Venkateshwara idol’s height is 2 meters which stands one a lotus skirted through Bhudevi and Sridevi as consorts. Common belief is that the devotees having a wish find granted there. Location of Tirupati city is in southern state Andhra Pradesh’s southeastern region coming under Chittoor district.  We would guide you to visit there through a travel plan from the Bangalore city to this holy city through best possible travel assistance. Prefer KSRTC buses to travel there as it has effective tour plans. KSRTC ensures for comfortable and safe journey to Tirupati. The facilities are of variety of buses from ordinary to deluxe and Volvo bus services.

Here is the KSRTC Bangalore to Tirupati Bus Timetable:

From To Departure Time Fare (Adult) Fare (Child)
Bangalore Tirupati - 122 61
Bangalore Tirupati 06.30, 07.30, 08.15, 10.00, 15.00, 22.15, 133 67
Bangalore Tirupati 08.20, 10.45, 23.00 225.00, 149.00 150.00, 92.00