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Ticket Cancellation Rules

The tickets reserved in advance with KSRTC buses can be cancelled by the user, depending upon exigencies of circumstances. The rules and regulations concerned with such cancellation and refund of fares are as follows:

  • KSRTC permits cancellation of tickets that are booked in advance, before the closure time of advance booking, which would be normally 30 minutes before the departure time of the journey.
  • The advance booking time may be closed much ahead of the departure time, depending upon the time of departure time, such as late night or early morning time from a remote location. For instance, for an early morning departure at 5.00 am, the advance booking may close at 22 hours of the previous night.
  • The cancellation fee will vary with the time of cancellation as related to the departure time.
  • The slabs and percentage fare as cancellation charges will be applicable for partial cancellation of the travel too.
  • All cancellation charges will be a percentage of journey fare applicable to the particular journey.
  • The cancellation charges will be as above for cancellation of tickets issued with discounts, however, the percentage of cancellation fee will be applied on the basic fare rates and refunds made accordingly.
  • The fee paid for reservation will not be refunded when tickets are cancelled.
  • Other fees such as User fee, Entry fee, Bridge Fee, Toll fee etc paid in addition to the fare will be refunded fully.

Cancellation Fee Slabs

Cancellation Fee Duration (Cancellation time)
10% of the basic fare Up to 72 hours before the departure time
25% of the basic fare Between 72 hours and up to 24 hours before departure time
50% of the basic fare Between 24 hours and up to 30 minutes before departure time
100% of the basic fare + Other fees Less than 30 minutes before departure time and at/after the departure time