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  • Stated below are the details of bus facilities run by renowned KSRTC.

    KSRTC Airavat Bliss

    This is the very modern assistance over local Airawat bus facility.

    • An intelligent dashboard is offered for all office area activities.
    • Modern Auto cleanse is set up in bathroom. In case traveler does not remember to get rid of bathroom, automatic cleanse is triggered.
    • Modern Auto side clean program with ten second h2o preserving option
    • Moreover, on panel kitchen is available for serving tea, java and dairy. This kitchen also has java machine, freezer and microwave.
    • Apart from that Sixty plus live channels are displayed on individual traveler chairs.
    • You will also enjoy the facility of Wi-Fi enables buses
    • It is very easy to functions program for quick clean out the waste

    KSRTC Airavat Superia

    Note As the name indicates hence it’s the outstanding high-class and word category bus for extremely relaxed trip. Special facilities are offered in these multi-axle vehicles, below are the silent functions of Airavat local Superior-

    • Chemical bathroom facility offered in these buses
    • A sprint panel is offered to management all office area actions
    • Electronic seat position is offered within the bus to inform filled, empty and impaired position.
    • Modern Toilet with automatic cleanse facilities
    • Modern Auto side clean program with ten second h2o preserving operation
    • It is Very simple process to function program; this would surely help in cleaning the bus.

    KSRTC Airavat

    However, It is a completely air conditioned assistance runs through Volvo vehicles.  Stated Below is the important functions of Airavat bus service:

    • High-tech World category high-class and relaxed journey
    • Especially Full air revocation on all the four wheels
    • Moreover, Forty five comfort and ease designed professional traveler seats
    • Apart from that for traveler enjoyment modern LCD TV are present in coaches
    • Hence, Total four urgent gates and all gates are at right side part of bus. It offers better protection to travelers.
    • For obvious perspective light green colored strengthened cups are offered.
    • Modern Laptop and mobile charger points are offered.
    • Modern Front panel is customized which gives aesthetic look to bus. It also enhances the perspective place of car owner.
    • Ten Cu mts baggage areas are offered.
    • All the Buses allowed with automated speed management system
    • All the Buses allowed with CRDI key system

    KSRTC Volvo Team Class

    Stated below are the key functions of an important Volvo bus facility.

    • Full air revocation on all the four tires six air bellows are set up in back part of trainer and two air bellows are set up at the front part side of trainer.
    • All the Bus trainers are offered with multiple axle for better convenience on long-distance travel
    • Total 13.8 meters lengthy bus completely designed for extremely relaxed trip.
    • Modern Volvo vehicles have total 53 traveler chairs which are relaxed, positioned magnificent and comfort and ease designed professional.
    • moreover, they  have two LCD TVs; one is of twenty six inches wide and second is of 17 inches wide for enjoyment of passengers
    • Modern Interior of bus is extremely designed, brought in ground rug and other modern features.
    • Just On the right side part of trainer urgent door is offered for better protection of travelers.
    • Moreover, three number of and 40 hp digitally controlled Volvo D9B motor is available in bus.  This is an energy efficient, powerful and European complaint motor. High tech Engine also has intercooler and turbo charger.
    • Toughened screen cups for obvious perspective of passengers
    • Front panel is customized to improve the perspective place of car owner and to offer better look to bus.
    • Just Under the traveler sitting place ten cubic meter areas is offered for baggage.

    KSRTC Rajahamsa Executive

    Stated below are the main functions of renowned Rajahamsa executive services of bus.

    • Modern Bus fixed with 165 hp motor and develops on modern Ashok Leyland total 244’’ WB auto Framework.
    • Commonly body of these vehicles is designed in local work shop of renowned KSRTC and also in outside classes.
    • Weveller revocation is offered in these buses
    • Modern Buses are of 2x2 options and have total 40 three seats
    • Moreover, Driver partition is completely sound proof
    • Rexine cloth is offered as internal of bus
    • Apart from that Windshield laminated cups are offered in modern bus
    • Total 2K-PU metal paint is greatly available as external of modern bus

    KSRTC Bmw Benz

    Stated below are the complete functionary details of Benz bus facility.

    • Total Twelve meters lengthy bus develop on about 0 500 and R 1830 chassis, completely designed for traveler transport.
    • Buses are Full air revocation on all four tires for extra protection and comfort
    • Modern Carrier generation is set up in vehicles for better air conditioner, thus enhances convenience of travelers.
    • About 40 five traveler chairs are greatly offered within the modern bus.  All the Seats are high-class and convenience.
    • Moreover, Twin collapsible modern LCD TV is also set up for traveler entertainment
    • Amazing Interior of a bus is extremely designed and night lights are offered.
    • Modern Toughened screen cups are greatly used for obvious perspective of travelers.
    • Main Front panel is customized for increasing the perspective place of car owner and to offer better look to a bus
    • Total Ten cubic meters baggage area is greatly provided
    • Modern Euro III is available in accordance.
    • Main Three number of and five hp Google is used, digital energy injection management is offered for better utilization of fuel

    KSRTC Corona Ambaari

    Stated below are the main function details of Corona Ambaari bus system.

    • remember, AMBAARI means a magnificent and relaxed on the top of a Hippo.
    • total One number of and 60 hp Cummins motor is fixed in back of bus hence decreases environmental disturbance.
    • Modern Air revocation is offered on front part tires for better traveler trip.
    • A TV set is offered within of bus for traveler enjoyment. Decorations include brought in ground rug, high-tech traveler chairs etc.
    • Excellent air conditioner procedure is offered for especially for better and relaxed journey
    • Total Eleven cubic meters baggage area is offered under the sitting place of travelers.
    • Modern Dual circuit and completely air braking system are offered. Hence, to improve breaking efficiency automatic slack insurance adjuster is set up.
    • About Forty four traveler chairs are offered with total 2x2 sitting settings. All the Seats are high-class and relaxed.
    • Moreover, Entry/exit gates are of pure aluminum and panels are expanded inspired.  Apart from that Outside of bus is painted with 2K shows with multi-colored images/ modern graphics.

    KSRTC Corona Ambaari Sleeper

    Stated below are the key functions of Corona Ambaar sleeper bus services.

    • total Twelve meters lengthy modern bus designed by local M/s. Corona Bus Manufacturers Pvt Ltd., city Pune for is completely safe trip.
    • Full air revocation is offered on all four tires for protection and relaxed trip.
    • Excellent cooling procedure offered through AC 353 high tech model air conditioner.
    • total Thirty two traveler berths, especially separated into higher and reduced berths; about 16 are reduced and sixteen are higher berths.
    • All the Berths are in 2x1 types of settings and comfortable
    • Amazing Reading lights, partition curtains and brought in ground carpeting are offered within of trainer.
    • Total Eight cubic meters baggage area is greatly offered under the cabin place of travelers.
    • Moreover, Emergency gates are also broader in size for better safety
    • Apart from that Very attractive wind shield and front part show for better exposure and safety
    • Total One number of 60 hp Google are fixed at the back end of bus thus decreases the environmental disturbance. High tech Engine is intercooled and especially turbo charged.
    • Moreover, for better stopping, modern anti locking stopping and gas retarder of Voith make are offered.