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The first kind of luxurious and antique bus that was started in the state of Kerala had a saloon type body that could accommodate a total of 23 passengers. Its entry gate was located on the rear of the bus and the other feature possessed by the bus was its first class amenities. The information regarding the bus like the schedule, ticket cost and the route were made available and publish to public before time. The other service of this bus is the parcel service which was started with the aim of utilizing the utility of the bus service.

Through the parcel service the parcel can be submitted to the special agents that are assigned by the government. Initially there were three routes on which bus operated and these routes comprised of Thiruvanthapuram-Nagercoil, Nagercoil-Colachal and Nagercoil-Kanyakumari. This bus service was first started on 21st March in 1938 with a total of 39 buses on the above three routes.