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General Terms and conditions relating to e-tickets/m-tickets

Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) has facility for obtaining seat reservation through Internet and their Passenger Reservation System provides this. There are specific rules and regulations governing the process of e-Booking and m-Booking, the former done through a system and the later through one’s mobile phone.

Every purchase of tickets through e-Booking or m-Booking for travel in KSRTC buses forms an agreement between the user of the Website and KSRTC and the very act of processing the ticket booking obligates the user to abide by the terms and conditions of the ticket purchase, which would extend beyond KSRTC’s obligation to provide travel to other legal obligations it has to abide by.
The stipulated terms and conditions bind every user of their website and the process of ticket booking starts with a name registration of the user, when one commits to abide by these terms and conditions by clicking the ‘I agree’ tab appearing at the beginning of the process. The system is so structured that when one does not want to agree to the terms and conditions of KSRTC, one will not be able to proceed further with the site to book the e-Ticket or m-Ticket.
The main condition of the KSRTC e-Booking or m-Booking is that one user can have only one User ID. If anyone manipulates to have more than one User ID for a single user, KSRTC will deactivate all such accounts disabling the user from the liability of e-Booking or m-Booking. KSRTC will have full right for such deactivation without any prior notice or any other obligation for such disablement.

KSRTC’s obligations and enforcement of its rules and regulations are within the governance of the general law of the Country and KSRTC’s operation of their ticket booking website would comply with all legal requirements enforceable by law. In that respect, the e-Booking or m-Booking user understands and agrees that KSRTC will have complete discretion to provide details of one’s use of this website to Governmental agencies or regulators including Police, upon exigencies.

If there arises a situation that any part of the agreement of KSRTC with the e-Booking/m-Booking user becomes invalid or unenforceable, including Warranty disclaimers or liability limitations set forth in the agreement, then such unenforceable portion is deemed to have been superseded by a right and valid provision, which is nearly matching the original intent of the ticket booking process.

The agreement that the user signs while doing the e-Booking or m-Booking with KSRTC will supersede all earlier agreements or contemporaneous communications or proposals, in whatever form they might have been expressed. This agreement in printed or digital form can be produced in a court of law, and such exhibits will have the same validity of any printed document submitted to the Court.

It is the basic obligation on the part of the website user to subscribe these terms and conditions before one proceeds to use the Website for doing e-Booking or m-Booking for purchase of travel tickets in KSRTC buses and understand KSRTC’s legal obligations to disclose information on the use of the Website by the user under the framework of general laws.